Man to be sentenced next week for raping 15-year-old, says her Facebook said she was 16

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A 44-year-old man will be sentenced next week for raping a girl less than half his age.

 On September 20 2023, Duffield Destin pleaded guilty to two counts of having “unlawful sexual intercourse” with a girl under 16.

 According to the facts of the case, the 15-year-old complainant received a Facebook request from the accused in 2019 and they began corresponding daily.

 She told him her age and he claimed to be 22 although he was actually 41 at the time. Nevertheless, the conversations eventually became sexual.

 They agreed to meet so she could see who she was speaking to and he picked her up at school and was to take her home but instead, he drove to a beach in Five Islands, despite her reluctance.

 When they got there, he requested that she move to the back seat which she did although confused.

 He asked her to remove her skirt and underwear and she hesitanty complied.

 He undressed and had unprotected intercourse with her and continued to do so completely disregarding her attempts to push him away.

 He then gave her a morning after pill.

 In November 2020, she agreed to meet with him again and agreed to have sexual intercourse with him. He picked her up from school and took her to his home this time.

 A few days later she asked him for a ride to a friend’s house and he took her and picked her back up but asked her to have sex with him again but she declined.

 As he was taking her home, she caught sight of her father and attempted to hide, but he quickly noticed her, leading to a situation where she had no choice but to disclose everything.

 She inadvertently left  her tablet in the car and when a family member went to retrieve it,  the defendant’s real age was discovered.

 In court, the man, despite his guilty plea, asserted his belief that the victim was older due to information on her Facebook profile indicating she was 16.

 He further contended that he had not fabricated his age and clarified that he hadn’t collected her from school but rather from a location near the school.

 He raised additional concerns about the presented facts before being sent back to prison, where he will remain until his sentencing hearing on Tuesday.

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