Man testifies to witnessing murder

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The prosecution’s star witness took the stand yesterday to provide the High Court with graphic details of what he said was the shooting of Albert “Pressure Man” Browne.
The 19-year-old deceased was shot three times and was pronounced dead at Booby Alley, Point on September 1, 2014, while he was at the popular hangout spot for residents in the area.
The witness, who cannot be named at this stage, told the court that he was talking to three teens outside of his home when he heard what sounded like a gunshot. He said that two of the young men he was speaking with ran off on hearing the explosion.
“I took my time and peeped around the blind corner and that’s where I saw the third shot — fire came from the [gun’s] nozzle. I saw the last shot connect with his body. He was already on the floor and the gunman was standing over him. His body jumped like the shot moved him,” the witness recounted.
He was sought out by the prosecution after an earlier witness, on day three of the trial, named him as someone who had witnessed the shooting.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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