Man still missing, motorbike found in stranger’s yard

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A BMW motorcycle belonging to Juvere Christopher, who has been missing since February 25th, has been found at someone else’s property but there is still no sign of the man from Swetes.
According to sources close to the probe, a man was arrested yesterday morning and he reportedly claims to have recently purchased the motorcycle from someone, making him the new owner.
However, police sources said he has so far failed to produce a receipt to show that he indeed bought the bike.
Additionally, the price he claims to have paid for it is significantly less than the vehicle’s known value.
The man – as yet unnamed, since no charges have so far been laid against him – was held for questioning yesterday. His detention came a day after police went to his house with a search warrant because residents familiar with Christopher reported seeing the bike, but not its owner, at the location.
Sources said the man might have been tipped off that police were on their way to his house, because by the time they got there he had already slipped out.
They entered the house by force and found keys for the motorcycle inside. The keys along with the bike, which was in the yard, were taken to police headquarters as the probe into Christopher’s disappearance continues.
On Thursday, Corporal Shennette Morton said when she last saw her son around 6 o’clock on Monday evening he was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts.
The officer said she is especially worried because it is out of character for her son to leave home for long periods or to leave without informing her.
The mother said Christopher lives in the same yard with her but in a separate house and she has seen no sign that he moved out, nor has she been able to reach him via his cell-phone.
The young man is about five feet five inches tall, brown in complexion, slim, with braided hair, and weighs about 130 pounds.
The police said residents can call the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 464-3937 or 462-3913/14 to report anything they know about the Juvere Christopher’s disappearance.

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