Man shot, residents robbed in Clarehall

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A 27-year-old man was shot; and a shopkeeper and several other people were robbed in Clarehall in a late-night attack on Friday. The four gunmen were still on the loose up to last night.
The identities of the assailants were not known to their victims who said the men wore masks, dark, long sleeved shirts, and long pants.
Conel Drew of Clarehall was shot in the right leg when he tried to escape from the gunmen. Three of the robbers had reportedly exited a black Honda car and the driver remained inside while his accomplices rummaged through the pockets of the people outside OD Snackette.
Drew, who was released from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre after surgery on Saturday morning, said he ran and tried to get to safety when the chaos started.
“Around eight o’ dem me hear. Gunshots start about 11:30 de night. Me nuh really know wha happen nuh. All me know dem say masked man down deh and when me take off, shots start buss and me get one,” he said.
Clarehall resident Denise “Peewee” Reid, who owns OD Snackette said she was “in shock” when the gunmen showed up.
She said the robbers forced the people, who were outside the shop, to lie face-down and they robbed them of cash, jewellery and electronic devices including cellular phones.
“Dem rob everybody in the yard, maybe about six man. Then dem rob we, arwe got gunshot in the house, bullet hole in the house. Dem try fuh kick down the door and bruk out the louvres and tek up we money from off the table from through the window,” Reid recounted.
She said the men robbed those who were in the yard and stole two camouflage jackets which were hanging inside the shop and which belonged to Reid’s partner who is a reserve member of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force.
A huge, muddy shoeprint from one robber, who tried to kick down
the door, was still present on the front door when a reporter visited the scene yesterday.
Reid said both her shops were robbed and then the bandits began firing shots indiscriminately in the yard and on the road.
A bullet pierced the wooden wall of the house but no one was injured. The children, she said, were asleep inside.
Drew, who ran when he heard the shots, said he only realised he had been hit after the place grew quiet and he started to feel the burning sensation in his right leg.
Police and ambulance rushed to the scene but by then, the robbers had escaped. Drew was taken to hospital and treated.
Anyone with information, the police said, should call the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 462-3913/4 or the nearest police station.

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