Man shot in Tindale Road during home invasion

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A police officer was among several people at a Tindale Road house Tuesday night when three masked gunmen stormed in and robbed a family, then shot one of the occupants before fleeing the scene.
The police have confirmed the man was shot in the right leg and he was rushed to hospital in a private vehicle. The man, who is in his 50s,  is said to be in a stable condition.
According to one eye-witness, the family was at home at about 8:40 pm when three masked men stormed into home and demanded money from the man. The shooting victim’s female companion and their toddler were also at home.
A police Corporal who was standing outside the property was allegedly forced into the house and ordered to lie face down. The robbers made specific demands for “weed” and money and when the shooting victim resisted, he was beaten and gun butted.
An eyewitness said the robbers fired three shots as they were leaving the house on the well-lit street which has one way in and out.
The last bullet that was fired reportedly hit the man as the robbers made their getaway in a silver car which was parked outside the house.
More details to come.

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