Man remanded over modified flare gun and bullet

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A 27-year-old Villa man was remanded to His Majesty’s Prison yesterday after reportedly being found in possession of a modified flare gun and one bullet.

The defendant Trevor Powell Jnr is charged with possession of the unlicensed firearm and possession of a 9mm round of ammunition.

Powell was reportedly found with the gun at his waist on June 6.

At around 12.30pm that day the police received an anonymous call indicating that a man had an illegal gun on his person at East Bus Station.

The individual was said to be wearing a red shirt and black tam and had a ring in his nose.

When police got to the terminal, Powell is said to have matched the description.

He was reportedly standing with some other men near a bar.

It is further reported that when the police approached the group, the men fled the scene running into the bar.

The police chased after them and allegedly found the defendant with the gun.

The cops also reportedly found a black bag containing 23.7 grams of weed in small Ziploc bags.

Lindon Roberts was charged with possessing the drugs and possession with intent to transfer. Roberts pleaded guilty on Thursday and was fined $1,000 by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

Meanwhile, when Powell appeared before the same magistrate yesterday he was sent to prison until his next hearing on August 10.

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