Man questioned in connection with police shootout


One man was being questioned by police yesterday following a shoot-out between masked men and lawmen, that left two dead.

Yesterday, police said their investigation led them to one man. However, at the time of going to press he was not being treated as a suspect.

Two male criminal suspects were shot dead on Vema Lane in Lightfoot East after a violent exchange with police on Thursday at approximately 1:30 am.

The men, Jamele “Marlo” Hurst of Nut Grove and Travis “Ten Pound” Martin-Bailey of Tindale Road were both known to the court for serious gun-related crimes.

Hurst and Martin-Bailey were dressed in camouflage attire. Police

said the men had high-powered weapons in their possession.

Residents reported they were awakened by the sound of gunfire which, according to some of them, lasted 15 or more minutes.

Many residents said that when they looked outside, they could hardly see what was happening because it was dark.

Residents reported seeing a car speed out of the street during shooting. It is believed that that car was being driven by an accomplice of the two men who were killed in the shooting exchange.

It was reported that the two units – Rapid Response Unit and the Special Services Unit – responded promptly to a tip-off and went to the area to investigate “suspicious activity” outside the Classic View apartments.

Allegedly, when the police confronted the suspects, they opened fire on the police and were killed by retaliatory fire. Their corpses were left on the road until after 8 am as the police investigated.

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