Man ordered to pay compensation to lover

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A dispute with a woman he was dating landed Kareem Jeffers before the court on charges of battery, malicious damage and trespassing.
The Bethesda man who pleaded guilty to all three charges was yesterday fined $250 on the battery charge which is payable by December 3 or he faces a week in prison.
Jeffers was also ordered to pay compensation in the amount of $511 for malicious damage of the woman’s phone, which was valued at $500 plus the cost to replace a broken lock at the woman’s Sea View Farm home. If he failed to pay the sum at the close of business yesterday he
would be spending 14 days behind bars.
On the charge of trespassing Magistrate, Ngaio Emanuel reprimanded and discharged the Jeffers.
It was indicated in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court that the virtual complainant was dating Jeffers and on the day of the offences, he and the woman had a dispute that turned into a fight.
The fight stemmed from an incident which occurred two weeks before and Jeffers agreed with the prosecution’s case that he invited the woman to his home to spend a weekend, however, at some point he left and did not return.
The woman packed up his clothing and took them to her home and she kept calling Jeffers for two weeks, but, he was not answering her calls.
The man eventually returned home and realised that his belongings were missing. He went in search of the woman whom he found at one of her relative’s home. The two had a fight and during the struggle, her phone was damaged.
The court also heard that Jeffers broke the lock to the woman’s home to collect his belongings.
It was reported that the woman bit Jeffers but was never charged with any offence

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