Man ordered to compensate girlfriend’s brother for 2016 stabbing

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By Latrishka Thomas

On Wednesday, Delano Paige, who admitted to stabbing his girlfriend’s brother four years ago, was ordered to compensate the victim forthwith in the amount of $3,000.

Earlier this month, just as his trial was about to begin, Paige pleaded guilty to the unlawful wounding of Ryan Robinson in 2016.

The incident took place on New Year’s Eve when the complainant and his sister had an argument regarding an item that was missing from her room.

She informed Paige, who was her boyfriend at the time, and that sparked a serious argument between the two men.

The argument quickly escalated to the point that Robinson was sent to stay with a relative who lived next door.

But while there, Robinson saw Paige coming to the home with a stick, which he used to hit him on the head.

Robinson retaliated by throwing a stone at the accused and then ran inside the home.

One of the victim’s uncles had to stop the defendant by throwing him out of the house.

However, later that night, when the complainant was about to head home, Paige came after him in a rage and stabbed him three times with a pair of scissors.

After pleading guilty, Paige was remanded until his sentencing hearing in the High Court. He was asked to apologise to the victim and pay him $3,000 forthwith which, according to reports, he did.

Justice Anne-Marie Smith also placed Paige on a two-year probation and ordered him to seek anger management therapy.

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