Man living in fear of gunmen

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By Tameika Malone
[email protected]
A Villa man said that he is in hiding in fear for his life after learning that a gunman and three other men are on the hunt for him.
Michael Rose told OBSERVER media yesterday that a panicked relative called him when the men left a Villa home Wednesday after 6:30 p.m. after demanding to know his whereabouts.
Rose said that upon reporting the matter to the St. John’s Police Station, lawmen informed him they could not respond because there was no vehicle available to do so.
“I need justice. This happened one day before a guy got killed in Villa. The guys know where I live, and I believe someone sent them because I’ve been living there for only two months. I believe that the people looking for me don’t really know me,” Rose said.
The Villa man said he believes the men were sent following a dispute with a former girlfriend concerning care and access to their child.
He explained that just before the men came in search of him at his aunt’s home there was a disagreement, and other people became involved.
Rose believes that one of the men looking for him is the man with whom he had a physical altercation.
“He started to curse and chuck me up. He said he [going] to shoot me and we started the argument. He took up his phone and started dialing numbers and I left. I went to the police station, my aunt called and said some gunman at her place in Villa, and I put the phone on speaker, so the police can hear,” Rose said.
The Villa man said he was sent to the Criminal Investigation Department, but he is not satisfied that the police is treating his report seriously.
Rose said he went back to the police station yesterday morning to give his report and lawmen eventually told him that warrants would have to be sought in order to begin a search for the men.
Shazeda Crandon, Rose’s aunt, reported that she was tending to her two children at home when she heard someone calling her nephew’s name.
(More in tooday’s Daily Observer)

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