Man jailed for savagely murdering young mother

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The 30-plus stabs and chops that Omarley “Drop Sleep” Henry inflicted on his girlfriend Shariece Henry, who he murdered in 2016, revealed a level of savagery that warranted life in prison – but for his guilty plea and expression of remorse which resulted in him getting 30 years in jail.

According to the sentencing judge, Justice Stanley John, those two mitigating factors – admitting wrong and saying sorry – worked in favour of the killer, who also underwent a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he was of sound mind when he viciously butchered the 22-year-old mother of his child on November 28th 2016 at Perry Bay.

The evaluation – which was requested in February when he pleaded guilty after consulting with attorney Lawrence Daniels – found nothing mentally wrong with the killer, and the court proceeded with the sentencing hearing yesterday morning.

At that hearing, the judge took note of the evidence of the victim’s injuries which included eight stabs to the shoulder, neck, chest, arm, and breasts; seven stabs to the left hand; five stabs to the right hand; five stabs to the face as deep as 6.8 cm; and six chops to the head. The victim’s skull had multiple fractures, and the scalp was left hanging off the skull; two fingers were severed from the left hand, and one was partially severed from the right hand; while the stabs to her breast area penetrated her heart and the stabs to her neck penetrated her larynx.

The injuries were inflicted with a cleaver and a 12.7 cm knife blade. The latter was recovered from the victim’s left chest area where it had broken off when she was stabbed from back to front.

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