Man jailed for life for rival gang feud murder

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HAMILTON, Bermuda, Nov 3, CMC – A man was jailed for life by a Supreme Court judge late Friday or murdering a man as he left a popular club in an alleged rival gang feud more than eight years ago.
Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves imposed the sentence on Jeremiah Dill after a jury returned a guilty verdict in the gun murder of Perry Puckerin.
The jury’s verdict came after more than five hours’ deliberation.
Dill was found guilty of premeditated murder and of use of a firearm to commit murder.
The jury voted 10-2 for conviction on both counts.
Justice Greaves jailed Dill for 35 years – 25 years for the murder with an additional 10 years for the use of a gun, to be served consecutively.
Puckerin was shot while leaving the Hamilton Parish Workman’s Club in January 2010.
Prosecutors alleged that Dill shot Puckerin as part of a feud between two rival gangs, known as 42 and Parkside.
One witness said he heard the late Prince Edness, the alleged ringleader of Parkside, organise the shooting, and that Dill later bragged about the murder. Another witness said she recognised Dill as the gunman despite his face being hidden by his jacket.
Dill did not take the stand but his lawyer, Craig Attridge, challenged the reliability of the two witnesses.

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