Man jailed for attempting to throw phone over prison wall

Lyndon Oliver will spend two weeks behind bars at ‘1735’
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By Latrishka Thomas

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A man who attempted to toss a cellular phone into Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) will now be spending the next two weeks behind those very walls.

Just a few days after appearing in court for a different offence — for which he was granted bail — Lyndon Oliver found himself back before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke on a charge of conveying.

On December 9, an officer on duty at HMP was observing the northern side of the perimeter fence when he saw the defendant, dressed in blue overalls, acting in a suspicious manner.

The constable continued to keep him under surveillance and noticed that he was moving towards the eastern side of the fence.

The officer shouted “police” and the defendant froze.

He was asked why he was in that area and he told the police “is a phone ‘Wheezy’ said he wanted”.

Oliver was searched and a rose gold Alcatel cellphone was found on his person.

Yesterday, the defendant pleaded guilty to the offence but proceeded to accuse the officer of lying.

The investigator took the stand and refuted Oliver’s claim saying that the defendant began crying and admitted to the offence.

Oliver broke down in tears before the court and turned to the officer saying “you know me nuh do nothing”.

The magistrate questioned why he admitted to the crime if he did not do it.

Noting that Oliver is on bail for another offence, Magistrate Clarke handed down a custodial sentence of merely two weeks “only because the article remained with you and didn’t make it over the walls”, the adjudicator said.

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