Man injured saving sister from abusive ex, police urged to find assailant

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A 34-year-old Potters man who saved his sister from the hands of an allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend on Sunday is nursing two stab wounds sustained during the incident while police hunt for the assailant who hails from Cashew Hill.

According to a relative and eyewitness, the victim, Anthony Faracho, was stabbed to the left side of his head and left shoulder. The pair of scissors allegedly used by the assailant to inflict the injuries was recovered at the scene in Potters.

Faracho is said to be suffering from headaches, and the family wants his attacker off the streets.

According to the relative, who wished not to be named due to safety concerns, Faracho warned his sister’s abusive ex to leave her alone on several occasions and to stop snooping around the house. The sister also allegedly made several police reports and the cops are reported to have warned the man to stay away from her.

“I told her to take out a restraining order against him because we are now in fear because we know of many stories where men like that killed the women and other people,” the relative said.

According to that relative, Faracho, who returned to Antigua last December after three back-to-back deaths in the family due to cancer, decided to stay a while longer to help care and support his other siblings and relatives. Among the relatives who died in December was a niece, a child Faracho’s sister had with the now ex-partner.

“He has been harassing her (the child’s mother) all the time, even before that, and he was told to stop and to stay away many times but he isn’t listening,” the relative said.

Days before the stabbing incident, Faracho allegedly went home to Potters and found his sister “shaken up” and he learned that the child’s father had gone to the house. Not only was the man warned that day, but his relatives were also reportedly contacted and told to keep him away from the Potters family.

Then, late Saturday night, he showed up at the house again and following a confrontation with Faracho and the intervention of several people who were passing through the area, the man reportedly left, as did Faracho to continue with his planned activities.

However, due to an alleged uneasy feeling, he decided to turn back and get his sister. Upon his return to the house shortly after midnight Saturday, he found the man at the house, holding on to his sister and so he went to her defence.

At that time, the man allegedly whipped out a pair of scissors and lunged several times at Faracho, landing two of them before the weapon got bent out of shape. The man allegedly dropped the weapon and fled the scene. According to relatives, the assailant was still calling them up to yesterday.

“We are very worried that this man is out there because we have seen that he does not care what he does, and we know the kind of company he has, and he has often been in contact with someone who is in prison for murder. None of this should be taken lightly and we hope he is arrested soon,” the relative stressed.

Yesterday, police sources confirmed receiving a report of the stabbing and that the victim was treated at the Casualty Department of Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

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