Man gets four years for attempting to rob woman who was sitting in her car

Junior Emanuel
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By Latrishka Thomas

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A man who attempted to rob a woman in broad daylight almost two years ago has been slapped with a four-year prison sentence.

It was around 4.25pm on August 1 2020 when a woman was startled by a masked man who entered her car.

The complainant was sitting in her vehicle which was parked on St Mary’s Street just in front of Little B & J fabric store, and was on the telephone with her husband when Junior Emanuel opened the left rear passenger door.

When she turned around she saw a man in a black mask sitting in the vehicle.

He leaned over to the front passenger seat and grabbed her purse but the woman knocked it out of his hand and they began to scuffle for the purse.

The woman started to scream out for help and tried to seize the man by holding onto his shirt but he pulled on her hair which forced her to let him go, and he ran off.

When she got out of the vehicle her US$45 Kipling purse was on the street with all the contents still inside.

The police were alerted and, upon viewing the store’s surveillance footage, they were able to identify the Gray’s Farm man who was 29 years old at the time.

Yesterday, in the High Court, Justice Colin Williams handed down a four-year sentence to the man who is already serving a six-year sentence for another robbery.

Judge Williams ordered that the sentences should run at the same time. That means that Emanuel will only spend six years behind bars for both crimes.

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