Man gets 12 months for stealing from the same gas station, twice

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A Potters man who broke into and stole from a 24-hour gas station twice within seven days has been ordered to serve 12 months behind the bars of Her Majesty’s Prison.

Charles Livingstone yesterday admitted to breaking, entering and larceny, breaking curfew and failing to wear a mask when he targeted the M&M Service Station on two separate occasions.

First, on May 6 2021, the gas station located on Old Parham Road was secured, with $400 left in a wooden drawer.

Some time that night, the defendant climbed to the upper floor using burglar bars, removed gauze from a window, broke the glass and used his hand to completely open the window.

He then made his way downstairs and pried open a cabinet and stole the money. 

A report was made to the police who reviewed CCTV camera footage and saw Livingstone committing the crime during curfew hours. 

He was also observed to be maskless.

Magistrate Conliffe Clarke sentenced him to spend 10 months in jail for breaking, entering and larceny, three months for violating the curfew restriction and two months for not wearing a mask.

Also, between 11pm and 5am on May 11 2021, Livingstone again broke into the M&M Service Station building in a similar manner.

This time, he stole $700 in coins which had been left in a filing cabinet by the employees before they left for the night.

Again, he was not wearing a mask. 

For this offence, the magistrate sentenced him to 12 months’ imprisonment for breaking, entering and larceny, three months for breaking the curfew and two months for failing to wear a mask.

The sentences will run concurrently with time served being taken into consideration. 

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