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Man found with 22 pounds of cannabis sentenced

By Latrishka Thomas


A 29-year-old Sea View Farm man walked free yesterday after spending two years behind bars on a drug charge.

Sevorn Burton was sentenced by Justice Colin Williams to 14 months’ imprisonment, but since he had been on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison since March 2019, he has already served his time.

On March 9 2019, the police went to Burton’s home to execute a search warrant, but no one responded to their call.

However, they heard footsteps of someone running inside the house.

Upon entering the property, they found plant material resembling cannabis hanging from a clothes line.

As the search continued, they found more of what looked like cannabis in bags concealed in buckets, and some more on other clothes lines.

In the yard, they also found a total of 157 plants growing in pots and plastic containers.

Cannabis was also found in a Honda StepWGN that was parked at the west of the building.

The drugs, valued at about $100,000, weighed 22 pounds and seven ounces.

Even after the police cleared the building, the accused was nowhere to be found.

Four days later, Burton surrendered to the police and admitted to owning all of the drugs.

He claimed that he ran because he heard a loud noise and thought that it was “gunmen”.

Prior to being sentenced, the defendant apologised to the court and begged for leniency. “Me tyad ah up yah,” he said referring to the prison.


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