Man fined for social gathering near bus station

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By Latrishka Thomas

A man now owes the state $1,000 for violating the country’s restriction on social gatherings in his wooden building located near West Bus Station.

Cawa Christian pleaded guilty yesterday to the charge brought against him at the start of the month.

At around 8.30pm on September 1, officers on patrol in the Hatton area noticed a large number of persons inside a small wooden building.

The defendant identified himself as the owner and told the police “me can’t control the people dem. Dem overpower me”.

His lawyer, Michael Archibald, told the court that men go to the building to play warri and dominoes and sometimes become “passionate” during the games.

He further stated that people also hang around “minding people’s business”, which is no fault of his client.

Archibald claimed that “the building is [just] too small”.

He therefore begged for leniency on his client’s behalf.

Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh then fined Christin $1,000 which must be paid by October 1.

Should he fail to pay, he will have to spend six months behind bars.

  • Meanwhile, a Gray’s Farm man was fined $12,000 for drug-related offences when he appeared in the same court yesterday.

Kevin Adams was stopped by curfew enforcement officers on September 15 while driving his vehicle.

A consented search of the vehicle and his person revealed a brown paper bag which contained four vacuum-sealed transparent bags.

When questioned, the 39-year-old told the police that it was “a little weed me just pick up to smoke”.

Adams was thereafter arrested and charged with possession of 468 grams of cannabis and possession with intent to transfer.

He, too, was represented by Archibald who mitigated on his behalf by debating the value placed on the drugs.

Archibald argued that “wholesale value and retail value are not the same”.

“What you have before you are $3,000 worth based on the current state of the market,” he argued.

He further claimed that the drugs were wholesale because they were not bagged out.

The lawyer asked the Chief Magistrate to accept his value of the drugs and impose a corresponding fine.

Despite this, the construction worker was ordered to pay $12,000 for intent to transfer and was reprimanded for possession of the drugs.

The monies must be paid by December 31.

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