Man fined for beating his child’s mother after she refused to have a ‘sit down’ with his mother

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By Latrishka Thomas

A Greenbay man was ordered to compensate the mother of his child $500 for beating her.

On the afternoon of August 19, the complainant, on the request of the defendant (the father of her child) went to Greenbay Hill to collect some money.

Upon arrival, the defendant turned off the woman’s car engine, removed the keys and then pulled her out of the vehicle.

He started beating her until she fell to the ground, upon which time he dragged her across the floor.

Witnesses had to pull him off of the woman, giving her an opportunity to drive off to the police station and report the matter.

Tears filled the man’s eyes as he told the magistrate his reason for beating the mother of his child.

The man told the court “I wanted her to speak with my mother about an issue we were having”; but because the woman said “not today”, he proceeded to beat her.

As the tears began to stream down his face, he apologised to the woman saying, “from the bottom of my heart it’s not going to happen again…I deeply apologise and hope you can forgive me”.

The complainant also became emotional in the witness box said, “I’m Just tired of it”, as she claimed that she has been suffering through beatings for 11 years.

The defendant then told Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh that he needs professional help.

The magistrate, in considering that he is a first time offender, did impose a custodial sentence, but instead ordered him to pay the complainant and to seek help.

Should he fail to pay the fine, he will be imprisoned for two months.

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