Man arrested in stop and search fined $5K for drugs

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By Latrishka Thomas

A Belmont man who was recently arrested in a police stop and search for the possession of more than 400 grams of cannabis has been fined $5,000.

The search occurred in the vicinity of Kentucky Fried Chicken on Buckley Line on September 19 at around 2.30pm.

Simon was driving along that road when he was signalled by police officers to stop his van.

An officer approached the vehicle and informed him that he was suspected of having an illegal substance in his possession.

Simon consented to a search of the van which uncovered several transparent bags containing a green bushy substance resembling the controlled drug cannabis.

The police informed Simon that the substance appeared to exceed the amount permitted by the law.

He responded saying, “A little bush for me make sugar cake fu sell, not smoke”, further informing them of where he purchased the substance.

The officer also found $2,130 in cash on his person which he said was “box money me just collect”.

But the officer told him that he believed the money was obtained from selling the drugs.

The defendant and the substance were taken to the police station.

The drugs were weighed and amounted to 410 grams with a street value of $4,100.

Simon was subsequently charged with possession of cannabis and possession with intent to transfer.

He pleaded guilty to both charges yesterday in St John’s Magistrate’s Court.

Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh reprimanded and discharged him on the former charge and fined him $5,000 for the latter.

 He is required to pay the money by December 31 or spend six months in jail.

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