Man acquitted of rape after victim confessed she lied

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“He didn’t touch me,” was the confession of the now 15-year-old girl who accused a well-known businessman of having sex with her and another underage girl in July 2018.

The accused, who cannot be named due to the rules in the Sexual Offences Act, allegedly committed the offences in Jolly Harbour.

As such, the jury has been asked to return a verdict of not guilty. The businessman will therefore be acquitted of two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 14.

The 15-year-old girl testified today that her friend and fellow accused victim had asked her to lie about the circumstances at the time, which she did when questioned by police.

The two females were both said to be 13 at the time. If found guilty, the businessman would have faced a maximum penalty of life in prison.

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  1. Who are to be blamed for this?When this matter was brought to the public last year.I for one was mad as heck with the low bail set for that person.Now that the truth and or lie came out in Court.It is shameful to say the least.They should not go unpunished for their behaviors.Lately,there have been too many acquittals in the Courts.For a lack of evidence and or eye witnesses changing their stories.Why is that happening?Are witnesses being bought out?Just asking,not accusing.

    • Your concerns raised are quite valid. If the state is relying on the witness statement of any victim as their sole evidence, how can justice ever be carried out? Is this really a false witness or did the “business man” bought her silence or that of a parent or guardian? If girls as young as 13 yrs old are making false sexual allegations, we are in more trouble as a society than we may have thought.


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