Man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from girlfriend pleads not guilty

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

“Not guilty,” was the plea entered by a Clare Hall resident accused of stealing a large sum of money from his then girlfriend while they were living together.

Alston Rodney is said to have stolen US $4,800 (E C$12,900) which his girlfriend was holding for her mother, the complainant in the matter.

The complainant reportedly owned a clothing store for which her daughter managed the finances. The daughter usually secured the cash from the business in a suitcase in her room, which she shared with the defendant.

The complainant is said to have converted Eastern Caribbean currency to US currency for the purpose of travelling.

She and her daughter counted the cash in April 2020 and it amounted to US $4,800.

Some time after that, Rodney is believed to have used a sharp object to cut holes at the top and bottom of the suitcase, through which he inserted his hand and stole the money before he moved out.

When the complainant and her daughter noticed that the cash was missing, they reported the matter to the police.

On May 17, 2020, the defendant was seen driving in Potters Village and he was later apprehended by the police and taken into custody.

Two days later, the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board was contacted, and they reportedly led police to a man in Potters to whom Rodney had allegedly paid some of the money for a vehicle.

He was subsequently charged with larceny.

Now, having denied the charge yesterday, Rodney will be put on trial on April 28, 2022.

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