Major clean-up operation on Barbuda

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The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), will be leading a team to Barbuda today for the continuing Hurricane Irma disaster response and clean-up campaign.
Ian Bailey, assistant operations manager for the statutory corporation, said that a group of men with chainsaws would be journeying to the sister island along with 140 labourers employed by the Barbuda Council.
The team will also be assisted by officials from the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA).
“These guys will be going over to clear the path to remove fallen trees and debris so that the heavy duty equipment we will be using during the clean-up campaign will be able to move around freely,” Bailey said.
He also said that the work would be broken down into different stages and sections.
“We are going to be splitting  Barbuda into four sections, and each team will be responsible for a section. In the initial stages we will start with the first two sections, and then we will move on to other sections,” Bailey said.
He estimates that the work will be completed within a two-week period.
Over the weekend, twenty health inspectors and vector control officers from the Central Board of Health (CHB), conducted an aggressive mosquito control operation on the sister island.
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