Mack clarifies last over drama

ST JOHN’S, Antigua- Veteran cricket umpire Clancy Mack has cleared the air regarding the much-debated final over between Pigotts Crushers and Diamond’s International Police in the Cool & Smooth/ABCA Twenty20 Tournament on Thursday night.

The third ball of the over, according to Mack who was at square leg, was ruled not legal but said most spectators were caught up in celebrating the boundary which resulted from the delivery and did not realise the umpire’s no-ball signal.

“A no-ball was called for above the waist, a full-pitch delivery which eventually was hit to the boundary for four runs and the umpire signalled the four and then no-ball,” he said.

“But apparently what happened, everybody seemed caught up with just the four runs being signalled and didn’t watch the signal to the end to pick up the no-ball because after he signalled four runs at the end of it, he did signal the no ball again.”

Crushers required 18 runs from the final over for victory and then seven from what was thought to be the final delivery based on what was displayed on the electronic scoreboard.

Crushers managed only a single from the delivery which resulted in players and fans charging onto the pitch in celebration for what was thought to be a Police victory only to be stopped by players whom Mack said were aware of the situation.

“The teams on the field were aware of it because if you noticed, Police players were indicating (to fans who had invaded the field) that they are to go off because they knew that there was an extra ball to be bowled because that would make the sixth legal ball. The scoreboard missed it and it would not have been the first over the scoreboard would have missed because they have missed (signals) before that and I can tell you that for a fact – six legal balls were bowled,” the umpire said.

Crushers won the highly entertaining match by five wickets as they steamed into the finals of the lucrative competition. They will take on Bethesda at Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds on Saturday.

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