Low turnout at AT&LU delegates conference

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Longstanding president of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union (AT&LU) has warned non-performing members of the executive that their absence at meetings will no longer be tolerated.
President of the union Wigley George has also issued the same word of caution to employees within the various workplaces who are also members of the union.
George spoke about the matter on Sunday while delivering the remarks at the opening of the union’s 79th Annual Delegates Conference. His comment was sparked by the low turn-out at yesterday’s event.
“For the conference coming up I will still be here doing what I am doing right now and I will keep a record of all those who sit on the executive and all those who don’t come to no meetings and all those you cannot find to do anything in the union, but just to get their name in the union’s record, that will not be tolerated.
“And workers who were invited to the conference and you do not come, when the register is finished I will personally write to the Permanent Secretary to report your absence. You get time off with pay, come and look about your own business,” George said.
The union leader stressed that the union cannot experience development without the assistance of its members.
He said for the 2018 conference, a new executive will be chosen to guide the state of affairs of the country’s oldest trade union, including the selection of a new president. The union leader encouraged members of the organisation to position themselves so they could play a pivotal role in the future development of the union.
“You must come to the conference without fear or favour and only vote for people who you know will be able to run this. Some of them they come and they get on a board and you don’t see them again,” George said.

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