Lovell’s out

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The opposition UPP’s list of nominees for the senate does not include political leader Harold Lovell.
A statement from the party yesterday listed Richard Lewis, Shawn Nicholas, Damani Tabor, and Johnathon Joseph as the UPP’s choices.
According to the party, “there was a list of eight highly deserving persons [sic] but only four could be selected.
“We will consider senate rotations going forward in order to give other deserving individuals the exposure and the opportunity.”
Meanwhile, the government’s nominees are Alincia Williams-Grant, who will return as President of the Senate; Mary-Claire Hurst, the leader of government business and minister of state in the tourism ministry; Knacyntar Nedd, for Barbuda; and Teco Lake, the former Minister of Works.
Gail Christian, the former ambassador to Mexico; Maureen Payne-Hyman, an attorney; Osbert Frederick, as vice-president of the senate; Shenella Govia; Aziza Lake; Phillip Shoul; and Colin O’Neil round out the government’s list.
The 15 individuals, along with the Governor General’s appointee – so far unnamed – will receive their instruments of appointment today.
The Barbuda Council appointee is also still to be named.

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