Lovell to stay out of Senate

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The opposition United Progressive Party has named its four senators to sit in Parliament, and the political leader is not one of them.

The party’s leader, Harold Lovell lost in his bid to be elected as a member of parliament – so – with this decision not to sit in the senate now, he is completely out of Parliament.

A circular to members of the party this afternoon indicates that the opposition senators are Richard Lewis, Damani Tabor, Shawn Nicholas and Johnathan Joseph.

The note to members states that the decision was made by the leadership group and the four senators were drawn from a list of eight.

The note also says that the U-P-P leadership group will consider senate rotations going forward in order to give other party members the exposure and the opportunity.

Meanwhile, the ruling Antigua Barbuda Labour Party has brought Eustace “Teco” Lake back into the fold. He was ill and bowed out of the election race for recovery from his kidney transplant.

He has been chosen to serve in the Senate. Mary Claire Hurst will the leader of government business in the Senate and Osbert Frederick will be her deputy, while Alincia Williams Grant will be the president of the Senate. 

The other labour party appointed senators are Maureen Hyman, Shennella Govia, Knacyntar Nedd, Gail Christian, Colin O’Neil, Phillip Shoul and Aziza Lake.

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