Lovell says FN protests not in vain

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Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) Harold Lovell, who is also a member and organizer of the Faithful Nationals coalition, said the protests conducted by the movement have been successful.

The coalition of opposition parties has been holding regular protests against what they describe as the multiple controversies surrounding the government of Antigua and Barbuda.

However, critics from certain sections of the public are of the view that the weekly action taken by the group has highlighted its uselessness.

In response to this critique, Lovell told OBSERVER media that “in the end our [the Faithful Nationals] job is to ensure to enlighten the public, to bring public awareness, to show up the gross deficiencies; that is our job and that is why we are here. I think we are having great success because every week we are seeing new faces coming to the fore.”

According to the UPP leader, once people are talking about and raising the issues that the group is highlighting, the persistent protests would have satisfied the primary goal.

He noted that the question afterwards would be whether people would have accepted what had been said.

Yesterday, while Parliament was in session, the growing group of about 175-200 protesters gathered outside the Parliament building on Queen Elizabeth Highway to show their dissatisfaction with what they termed the Global Ports Giveaway, E-Books Scandal and YIDA‘s Government-sanctioned destruction of the environment.

Many of the signs held by the protestors depicted their passion for protecting the future. One protester told OBSERVER media: “I am here standing up today as my ancestors did…to defend the future generations.”

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