Lovell defends voting process to stay

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“Surprising” and “saddened“ are just two of the words that the leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Harold Lovell, used on Monday to describe statements that Sunday’s General Council Meeting was unofficial and flawed.
Lovell resigned from his post when the party met for its first such session since the defeat at the March 2018 polls, but most of the attendees at that meeting rejected his decision in a vote done by a show of hands.
While some party members said that the whole process was proper, there were a few who voiced objections.
“I was rather surprised that some persons were saying that it wasn’t fair because there was nothing unusual about the process,” Lovell told OBSERVER media.
He added, “Over 140 persons were present at the General Council Meeting. Of the 140, only two voted to accept the resignation.”
Lovell said he “honestly” has no intention to stay on as leader of the once mighty UPP, “longer than my presence is either required or desired.”
The UPP leader, who has been a member of the party for 25 years, recalled a promise that he made during the general elections that he would throw in the towel if the party were not victorious.
The party later suffered a massive  defeat, winning only one of 17 seats, while the labour party took 15 and Barbuda Peoples Movement took one.
“I have said before the elections that I am given a mandate and that is to take the party to victory. When a party wins, all share the glory, and when a party loses, the buck stops with the party leader and I accept that,” he explained.
This is not the first time that Lovell has been caught up in a leadership issue. In fact, it was in 2015 that he and Joanne Massiah were embroiled in a nasty leadership battle.
“I am not going to allow the party to face another brutal leadership battle. When it comes to that, I can move ahead,” he said.
Lovell hastened to add that he was willing to work with anyone who should become the leader of the UPP.
“I have no issues with anyone who wants to put [his or her] foot forward. I am willing to work with them,” he added.
Richard Lewis  is the only UPP member who has so far indicated a desire to vie for leadership of the Party.
The Party will meet again next year for its’ Delegate’s Convention.

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