Lovell defends Faithful Nationals protests

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Member of the Faithful Nationals and United Progressive Party (UPP) political leader, Harold Lovell, has spoken out publicly in defense of the coalition’s recent multiple rounds of protest action at the entrance of Heritage Quay.

The protests have come under scrutiny from some taxi operators and members of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) who complained that taxi operators were not able to rake in their normal or expected earnings on days when the pickets were being staged.

Lovell dismissed those claims, insisting that the protests have pressured the government into making some of the positive changes demanded by the demonstrators.

“Were it not for the voices of the Faithful Nationals and others, we would not be seeing these developments. We have seen the government move from a position where they told us that 30 years exclusive in the concession agreement was the best that they could get; that it was a perfect agreement. Now they say that it is too long and they are trying to get 10.

“But why is it that they can get 10 now when they told us that 30 is the best they can get? The whole thing is back to front.”

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