Love is in the air: Antigua’s new dating show is ready to pop

front 4 dating show
The series will be broadcast on YouTube in August
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

What happens when you mix Caribbean charm, hopeful singles, and a bunch of balloons? Antigua’s about to find out.

Love will soon be in the air, and you can either hold your breath or put that air into a balloon. Either way, Antigua and Barbuda is about to burst onto the reality TV scene with its first ever dating show, ‘Love Link: Antigua’.

The programme promises to bring a fresh twist to dating shows and a new meaning to ‘island fever’ as the dating show is sure to raise temperatures and heart rates.

Co-hosts Shermain Jeremy and Mario Connor are at the helm of this new venture.

Jeremy revealed to Observer that the show will feature participants aged 21-45 engaging in various activities across multiple episodes, each designed to spark connections between potential couples.

“Those interested in finding love and being in a monogamous relationship,” are the target participants, according to Jeremy.

The premiere episode will offer a unique spin on the popular ‘pop the balloon to signal a lack of interest’ concept, setting the tone for what promises to be an engaging series.

As the application screening process continues – with contestants who applied by texting a number and completing a form – Jeremy noted, “We’ve received more submissions than we expected, so this forces us to pick the best of the best and, of course, throw in a few wild cards.”

Production is slated to begin in mid-July, with eight possible episodes planned for the inaugural season.

Viewers can catch all the romantic action on YouTube when the series airs in August.

While the show doesn’t follow a traditional winner-takes-all format, successful matches will be rewarded with all-expenses-paid dates at romantic locations around the island, providing couples with the perfect setting to explore their newfound connections.

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