Longshoreman suspected of facilitating cannabis importation

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A Deep Water Harbour employee is at the centre of an investigation into the importation of over 55 pounds of marijuana which the Customs Department and police unearthed while searching barrels that had arrived in Antigua last week.

A source at the agency confirmed yesterday that the worker is a 52-year-old longshoreman attached to the Customs and Port. The

suspect was in police custody up to yesterday, a source said. The bust was made during a routine search operation on Friday morning.

The marijuana, said to be worth over $200,000, was discovered inside cereal boxes and other snack packages that were among several other items in two barrels.

Late last week, there was another drug bust at Deep Water Harbour, and police questioned one man in

connection with that incident.

OBSERVER media was unable to confirm whether the 34-year-old was charged.

Sources earlier told us that police detained the Sutherlands man after discovering 41 sealed cans containing cannabis instead of the items displayed on their labels.

The cans were in a barrel due for collection from the Deep Water Harbour.

Officers from the Narcotics Department seized the contraband weighing five pounds with an estimated value of $20,000.

Shortly before that incident, Customs Officer Desmond Lewis was charged with drug possession and intent to supply one pound of cannabis to others.

His arrest followed an operation one week ago during which he was nabbed in Golden Grove by the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP).

Laurie Kenroy Marshall, who tried to evade the

law enforcement agency during the same operation last Monday, was shot in the leg and is likely to be charged with possession of cannabis. This is because ONDCP officers found four packages of the controlled substance aboard the vehicle in which Marshall attempted to flee when the law enforcement agency cornered him in Bolans.

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