Lone picket of APUA headquarters

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The frustration of being billed heavily for a service she barely receives prompted one of Antigua Public Utilities Authority’s customers, Thalia Parker, to picket the Independence Drive headquarters yesterday.
Parker carried a placard with three messages “APUA water department enough is enough,” and “You force me to: cut my hair, purchase fast food, monitor toilet flushes, monitor dishwashing, drive a dirty vehicle.”
Parker also said that in February she had no water at her Martin’s Village home but it was her highest consumption charge in six months.
“The first four months I live (Martins Village) there was absolutely no water and I would call, beg and plead. My nine-year-old has very long hair and it has to be washed at the hairdresser. Every money I earn goes into laundry and other [water related] things,” Parker told OBSERVER media.
Parker said she threatened to picket APUA office years ago because she had been having similar water issues at her previous residence in Bendals. Promises were made, but, the problem remained.
The woman said after picketing the office yesterday she was called into a meeting with management where promises were made to give her area some relief.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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