Local studio and producer releases riddim track featuring local artiste

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by Leon Norville

[email protected]

Five local artistes are set to make waves on social media today as they release new music set at keeping the music scene in Antigua and Barbuda alive throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The artistes are Mental Lane Productions (MLP) Kapone, MLP Chiby, DJ Who, Federation Diva, and Lima Dan. The artistes started working on the highly anticipated project back in 2019 with producer of the riddim Tadj Martin of Kush Heights Studio. Each artiste delivers his or her own burst of solid versatility on the infectious riddim, showcasing their raw talent.

Called the “Eyeful Tower Riddim” the track is a crossover Afro-Dancehall Soca production. Martin said the inspiration behind the production came from his experimentation with afro beats production and wanting to merge a different sound with the popular genre of music style. He opted to add the accordion which is a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox.  He said, he has always liked to hear the accordion in soca music and he just decided to add it to the production.

The producer, who is no stranger to the music industry, said it took him roughly two hours to produce and put together the riddim which was sent for voicing by the artistes now on the riddim. He said, “several technical issues delayed the project for a two-year period but it’s finally here.”

Dj Who, one of the artistes on the riddim, said “it was a fun project, making music with instruments for people”. He added that to do what you love when people can take part in your creativity is an amazing feeling.

Riddim producer Tadj Martin, who is having a busy year, said the studio he works with has several projects they will be pushing out this year. He is also encouraging the public to support the artistes and the new sound of music local producers are venturing into. He said, the industry is very alive and newer artistes are not hesitating to stamp their name on their slice of it.

The tracks for all the artistes are officially available on all digital streaming sites today for download and streaming.

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