Local news anchor shares Covid story

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Local TV news anchor, now talk show host, Shermain Jeremy, has revealed the story of her Covid journey.

Jeremy tested positive for the virus after showing no visible symptoms in late September.

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s (ABTA) senior marketing manager shared her story on OBSERVER AM yesterday, explaining that she did a routine checkup after feeling extremely tired for a number of days.

After visiting her private practitioner, she was encouraged to take a Covid-19 test as a precaution.

“No runny nose, no coughing, nothing, I was just feeling tired so I thought nothing of it really and when I got the news when I heard the doctor’s voice, I know something is wrong,” she said.

“So, I was like please tell me you have some good news and he was like ‘I don’t have good news’. At that point in time … this is literally my worst fear because I have young children, I have been extremely cautious and I will admit because of that I was really not in support of us going back to school and going back to workplaces. I just felt like it was too soon and I felt like if we could remain at home, we should.

“It was stressful for me to have my kids at home but I was more open to dealing with that stress than having to deal with the stress of Covid,” Jeremy revealed.

She said despite the traumatic news she was relieved when her family returned negative results.

Through it all Jeremy says she has learned a lot from the frightening ordeal.

“I think it is important for people to know we just have to take on that personal responsibility because I have gone to food places and see people outside gathering, not wearing their masks, and I am just like ‘wow, you are taking such a huge risk’, regardless of if these are people that you know, it’s risky to be out not wearing that mask particularly and you know, not doing the necessary other health protocols.”

She noted however that she is still quite puzzled as to where or how she became infected with the virus and the fact that she showed little to no symptoms.

Nevertheless, the former Miss World pageant contestant shared her gratitude for not having suffered the same fate as other Covid survivors who faced a tough battle.

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