Local marathon cancelled due to Covid

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By Carlena Knight

Several sporting organisations have been forced to cancel their events due to the coronavirus pandemic. One more event that has joined this list is the highly publicised Run in Paradise marathon.

The race was previously postponed to October 11 from its original May 24date, but news has now surfaced that the event will not take place at all this year.

This was confirmed by race director Stanley Humphreys in a recent release.

“After careful consideration with regard to the safety of all concerned, we have painfully decided to cancel the 2020 Run in Paradise event. The Covid-19 pandemic is still on the increase because many persons will not listen and obey to the rules and guidelines set out by the health authorities.

“We realise that many of you have made travel arrangements and we are very sorry that we have to make this decision. We believe that flight reservations can be changed. There are so many travel restrictions anywhere you go.

“In order to protect its citizens, the government of Antigua and Barbuda also has theirs and I do not foresee all these restrictions going away in a hurry.

“Run in Paradise event 2021 is now scheduled for May 30th. Let us keep our fingers crossed that this will be a reality. If you would like, we would keep you registered for next year or for a future date. “Mr Brent Weigner, who holds the world record for marathons ran in the most countries, is so anxious to come and I hate to disappoint him, but we have no other choice. Let us keep positive and look forward to 2021,” Humphreys added.

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