Local Entrepreneurs Learn the Importance of Branding

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Two of the country’s leading business personalities participated in the third annual Bubbles Beyond Borders (Antigua) development workshop.
In a press release dated August 28, 2018, from Sutherland Coaching and Consulting, it was stated that the topic for this year’s event was ‘Personal and Business Branding’, with the keynote address given by Jeff Hadeed of well-known brands – Big Banana, The Larder and Southpoint.
Janice Sutherland of Sutherland Coaching and Consulting was the moderator of the exercise. The experienced leadership expert and host of the Phenomenal Woman podcast, coaches women around the world to take their rightful seat at the tables where the important decisions are made. 
Her experience as the first female CEO for one of the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications organisations coupled with her global leadership perspective makes her a leadership force to be reckoned with in which her unique experience allows her to create programmes that equip and inspire women to advance their careers and develop the confidence, presence and influence they need to drive through leadership barriers and confidently navigate the Board room.   
The seminar was designed to help entrepreneurs overcome and address critical issues for business owners: creating a brand, understanding the powerful impact of branding and staying motivated in business.
  “I felt honoured and excited to be a part of this event. I think it is important for us as citizens to serve and support each other and our community. This type of opportunity to share our knowledge and experience is critical to help each other in our own development as well as to ground us as a community as we evolve and grow. I look forward to other opportunities to support,“ Hadeed said approvingly of the seminar.
Over 50 people from a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits attended the seminar.
“I’m always delighted to share my experiences, and events like these demonstrate how incredibly important knowledge sharing is. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and what better way to learn than from persons who have already successfully demonstrated the impact of a strong brand both personally and within business. We need far more activities such as these for our budding entrepreneurs,” Sutherland said.  
Bubbles Beyond Borders is a global organisation focused on empowering persons by providing access to educational resources inclusive of workshops and seminars free of cost. The Antigua chapter is headed by Sharon Brusch who devotes much of her spare time to raising funds for the initiatives the organisation supports.
“The idea to offer a workshop on Personal and Small Business Branding was in response to the questions raised by small business owners during January’s budgeting workshop where we also hosted a small business expo, an indication of an absolute necessity of a much overlooked element within entrepreneurship,” stated Brusch.
She added that Bubbles Beyond Borders Antigua recently started a transitional living programme, dubbed a Home for Hope. According to her, the programme provides support, accommodation, living expenses and life coaching for young women who age out of the foster care system at 18.
She disclosed that the two young women currently in the programme have plans to attend college when the new term begins.
“This would not have been possible without the help of the kind individuals who support this initiative,” Brusch said.  

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