Local entrepreneur facilitates media tour

(Photos by Makeida Antonio)
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By Makeida Antonio

One determined local entrepreneur took the opportunity to invite the media to tour his recently launched prawn farm yesterday.

Kevin Alexander, who owns the Sea Springs Aquafarm in Lightfoot, walked through his property which consists of several ponds and areas that he is planning to eventually develop for commercial activity.

Alexander gave a rundown of some activities which he says occur daily, as he makes an effort to be on his farm more than once a day when he can.

“Well, what we do here on a daily basis is check the animals, we have some feeding trays that they would crawl into, we scoop out the animals, check them from time to time, check the water quality and obviously, feed them,” he told Observer yesterday.

The hopeful farmer has indicated that he would like others to follow suit on his seafood venture. He believes that raising seafood on land can eventually take the burden off of creatures in the ocean which are showing signs of becoming scarce.

Owner of Sea Springs Aquafarm, Kevin Alexander, facilitating a media tour at his Lightfoot property yesterday.

“We need to look at even farming salt water fish because right now the supply of fish in the ocean is being depleted slowly but surely. We don’t see it. My father is a fisherman and sometimes he goes out and he comes back and says ‘I didn’t catch any fish.’ The signs are there showing that we need to get into fish farming,” he noted.

While security is a concern for everyone with a startup business, Alexander said that he has been taking due diligence in ensuring that his property is secure.

“I have put a few things in place, and as we go along, I will introduce additional measures as needed, but it’s not an easy task to move them out of the pond. You’d have to go in there and get them out,” according to the businessman.

About seven years ago, Alexander conducted a deep dive into researching what it would take for a casual conversation to become a reality. He remains hopeful that the country’s first freshwater prawn and cray fish business can supply seafood to meet the local demand and eventually export to the international market.

Sea Springs Aquafarm began selling the land-raised seafood two weeks ago.

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