Local Cycling To Make Return With Subway Three-Stage Race

The roads surrounding the Pan Am Base will host two of the three races scheduled for this weekend.
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By Neto Baptiste

Cyclists are expected to register over 100 total miles over the weekend when they compete in the Subway sponsored Three Stage Race being hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Federation (ABCF).

The event, which will span two days, will see the staging of both a time trial and circuit race on Saturday before riders return on Sunday for a gruelling road race.

President of the cycling federation, St Clair Williams, said cyclists will be in action before 10 am on Saturday.

“On Saturday, 9 am at the Pan Am Base, there is going to be a four-mile time trial. It leaves from the Pan Am Base and goes out to the supermarket at Jabberwock Beach and then we make a U-turn back, so it’s four miles of blistering speed,” he said.

“In the afternoon, at 3 pm, the cyclists will do a circuit race right there at the Pan Am Base and the elite will be doing 30 laps and then you have the junior males who would be doing 30 laps. The masters will be doing 25 laps, elite females will do 20 laps, junior females will do 20 laps, the sports class is 20 laps and the cadets will do 20 laps,” he added. 

According to Williams, however, the fun does not stop there as riders will return on Sunday for what is expected to be a taxing road challenge.

“We are starting at the Sir Vivian Richards stadium and we are going to head out to Potworks Dam, through Bethesda, back down to St James’s Club and head back the same direction, so that is going to be three laps for the elite which is a total of 67 miles. Then, you have the junior males and they will be doing three laps. The masters, they will be doing two laps while the elite females will do one lap, the junior female is one lap, the sports class will be doing two laps and cadets will do one lap. In total, you’re looking at 112 miles that the cyclists will be covering in those two days,” the cycling boss said. The Subway Three Stage Race will be the federation’s first event since the staging of the King of the Hill race held on 11 July.

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