Local contractor counting losses after bandits steal equipment from storage container

The broken security latch on local contractor Alva Joseph’s storage container in Langfords, after thieves made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment
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By Orville Williams

[email protected]

One local contractor is currently counting his losses after thieves broke into a storage container at his construction site in Langfords and made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of power tools and other equipment.

According to the victim, Alva Joseph – the father of national and West Indies cricketer, Alzarri Joseph – he made the startling discovery on Thursday morning when he arrived at the job site to commence the day’s work.

“This morning when I came out to the job site I saw that the container was actually cut off…they used, I believe, a cordless grinder and cut the security latch off.

“I lost a 10-inch Ridgid table saw, two jackhammers worth around $5,000 in total. I lost a construction radio, two steel-cutting chop saws, a set of DeWalt battery-powered tools in a bag and [I’m sure] there are other things that I haven’t even noticed yet,” he told Observer.

In total, Joseph says he has lost between $60,000 and $70,000 worth of equipment. Sadly though, he added that this is not the first time that his establishment has been targeted.

“It’s the fifth time that my place has been broken into. It’s the first time the storage container has been broken into, but the construction structure itself has been broken into four times before.

“I’ve lost blocks [and] other materials – steel, 2x4s [and] plywood – I mean, it’s been frustrating.”

The businessman further told Observer that he has made a report to the police about this incident and the others prior, but he has to accept that there is not much that the lawmen can really do. What’s concerning, he said too, is that there appears to be a market for the stolen equipment, as his is not the only construction site in the area that has been broken into.

Joseph is therefore encouraging members of the public, those in the construction sector and even those who aren’t, to be on the lookout for the aforementioned stolen items, and to make any necessary reports to the police.

He is also lamenting the impact on his business operations, as – like many other local contractors – he has been making every effort to take advantage of the construction boom currently taking place across the country.

This latest incident, he lamented, has put his operations in a precarious position.

“This affects me in [a lot of ways]. It affects me financially, I just keep losing money, having to buy things back, and I still have to provide work for people. I don’t know, it’s just really frustrating,” he added.

Anyone with information on this theft is being urged to contact the nearest police station. Police have been approached for comment.

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