Local company becomes major sponsor for 2019 Carnival

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By Makeida Antonio

Antigua Distillery Limited has partnered with the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission as a major sponsor for several Carnival events for 2019.

Caribbean Sales & Marketing Executive at Antigua Distillery Limited, Kevin Alexander, detailed the new branding for these events during a press conference at Premier Beverages on Wednesday.

“This year, Antigua Distillery has decided to engage as a sponsor with three brands under our portfolio and by this, three events during the festivities have been rebranded. They include the opening carnival jump up known as T-shirt Mas, that will be branded as the ‘English Harbour Rum T-shirt Mas’. What’s known as Children’s Carnival will be branded as ‘Oasis Children’s Carnival’ and Carnival Monday now becomes ‘Cavalier Rum Carnival Monday’.”

Oasis Water which is an indigenous brand will be printing carnival themed labels once again to increase promotion for the highly anticipated summer festival.

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