Local Barbudan businessman expands the room stock on the island

Historic Dulcina Apartments in Barbuda (Social media photo)
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By Theresa Goodwin


A Barbudan business has succeeded in improving the current room stock on the sister island at a time when tourism officials are working to promote its unique offerings to prospective visitors.

The historic Dulcina Apartments was commissioned on Saturday following a brief opening ceremony.

The property, which boasts of eight self-contained units, is located in a central area of activity on the main road that stretches from Two Foot Bay in the north and River Dock in the south.

The property is the brainchild of businessman, Andre Lee, who said, having being involved with real estate for some time, and seeing the hive of activity on the smaller of the two islands in recent times, he saw the need to increase accommodation capacity.

“I have about seven different houses, and I used to rent them on a short-term basis, but because of the work load in Barbuda now I had to book them out on a monthly basis to construction workers and so on

“I thought that with more and more people coming from Antigua and other parts of the world they would need a place to stay overnight so I decided to do something about it. I have eight rooms at the bottom, and I am planning to expand to another eight at the top,” Lee told Observer on Sunday.

The rooms, he said, are fully equipped with all the basic amenities that a visitor to Barbuda would require.

“They are full equipped with WIFI, air conditioning, a fan and a kettle to make your tea, and a garden on the outside for those who use bush tea.

 The cost is under EC$300.00 per night,” Lee said.

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