Local bank ramping up security in wake of alleged breach

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Officials of the Antigua Commercial Bank (ACB) have put mechanisms in place to  ensure the safety of accounts following several reports of suspicious activity.

Several customers reached out to OBSERVER media indicating that funds have mysteriously vanished from their personal bank accounts.

Some account holders have also informed our newsroom that they are seeing purchases reflected on their bank statements that were not made by them.

ACB’s Marketing and Public Relations Representative, Shantia Edwards, said that the bank is aware of the reports, but assures the public that there are no glitches in the system at the financial institution.

“The management of the Antigua Commercial Bank wishes to assure its valued customers and the general public that the news of its system being compromised is not accurate. With the advent of electronic payment services, a number of fraudsters have dedicated their time to find creative ways to defraud customers,” Edwards said.

According to her, ACB has been receiving an increase in reports, and is working feverishly to investigate them.

Without being specific about security changes for obvious reasons, she said, “We have put mechanisms in place to ensure the safety of accounts, and we remind customers who utilize internet and mobile banking platforms, to regularly review their account activities for any signs of inconsistent activity.”

She is also urging customers to contact the bank immediately should they observe transactions on their account that they did not initiate.

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