Local artist makes his mark with street urban style

Ron Howell aka GuavadeArtist
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By Carlena Knight

When we think of art, we think of beautiful murals, paintings that hang on walls or pieces in an art gallery, but one local artist is on a mission to bring a new concept to Antigua and Barbuda.

Ron Howell, 41, more popularly known as GuavadeArtist, is bringing his urban, contemporary street style to the masses in an unconventional way.

The self-taught artist, who is versatile in different avenues of art such as illustration, painting, sculpting, 3D modelling, art toy creation, and digital drawing/animation, has turned his skill into a business that not only offers paintings, but also customised clothes and toys.

“I always envisioned myself with an art business, then I saw a documentary about street artists who were starting up their own company based on their art, so I set my goals in place and launched GuavadeArt Company,” Howell explained.

The artist, from Golden Grove, attended Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS) and Bryant House, before moving on to Loyalist College in Canada where he studied video production.

He revealed that he was always gifted with his artistic skills but was truly influenced after seeing his mother draw an elephant.

Since then, he has been trying new techniques and styles, and finally settled on the version of art that we see today.

“Many random things influence my pieces, from nature to people and a wide variety of objects. I hope my art portrays positivity which may encourage other artistes or creatives to go make art,” he added.

Just like those in this industry, Howell agreed that there isn’t enough support given locally but is hoping that that will soon change.

He is however encouraging other artists and entrepreneurs to set their goals, stick to them and fight hard to achieve them.

Despite that lack of support, Howell is one day hoping to take his brand regionally and internationally.

“The race is not for the swift,” he added.

His items can be seen on Facebook at GuavaDeArtist and on Instagram guavadeart.merch or guavadeart.

Persons can also email him at [email protected]

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