Lion’s stabbing victim recovering

St. John’s Antigua- Twenty-two-year old Chessere James is reportedly well on the road to recovery from the stab wound to his left chest that led to his being warded in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Mount St John’s Medical Centre on Sunday.

The man’s father, Bertsfield Smithen, said his son was taken from ICU on Tuesday and was, at press time, on a ward in stable condition.

The father also said James is no longer on saline and the tube that was inserted to drain “bad blood” from his body was removed.

“He is getting better, talking and doctors are observing him for a week before they determine when he could be sent home,” Smithen told OBSERVER Media.

According to the parent, his son is still in severe pain from the injury that nicked his heart and caused internal bleeding.

He said doctors told the family the stab wound could have been more serious if the projectory of the weapon that inflicted the injury was upwards and not downwards.

James was partying at Lion’s Den in St John’s in the early morning hours Sunday, when a man attacked and stabbed him in the left of his chest.

Smithen said James thought the impact against his chest was a punch until he began experiencing severe pain and saw blood flowing from the area.

Investigators believe the object used was a pair of scissors, a police source said.

The probe continues as police hunt for the perpetrator.