LIME’s appeal to Industrial Court ruling stalled

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The Deputy General Secretary of the Antigua & Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU) Senator Chester Hughes said there’s a delay in the appeal process in the case of telecommunications giant LIME, now trading as FLOW and the 13 workers alleging unfair dismissal from the company.
Hughes said LIME filed a notice of appeal in the Supreme Court, however, the matter has been held up because the company is waiting for the trial documents from the Industrial Court which earlier ruled that the workers were unfairly dismissed.
The trade unionist said, “In my last consultation with our attorney, Justin Simon QC, we were informed that the company had not yet filed its documentation before the Court of Appeal. They are awaiting the documents from the Industrial Court to then file their arguments at the Court of Appeal.”
The industrial relations officer said his team has adopted a wait-and-see approach as it relates to the progress of the case and as soon as information is received the union will determine its next course of action.
The workers were made redundant in 2015. The union took the matter to the Industrial Court on the grounds that they were wrongfully dismissed.
In November 2015, the High Court granted an injunction to prevent the company from dismissing the workers and the matter was heard in the Industrial Court in March 2016.
The Court had asked the parties to meet and work out a compensation package by June 30, 2016 and if they could not work out the package then the court would have assisted them in doing so.
LIME later filed a notice, indicating its intent to challenge the ruling.
Senator Hughes said the workers are anxious for the matter to be wrapped up.
Calls to LIME’s Chief Executive Officer Jo Mathieson and Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Shand Merchant went unanswered.

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