Life Guard Found hanging

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The police have confirmed they are investigating a suspected suicide which occurred in Skerrits Pasture – while relatives of the deceased, Quinton Benjamin, were reeling in shock after making the discovery around 6 pm.
The 25-year-old man,  son of Agatha Dorsett, was found dead in the washroom, near an entrance door to the small white house in which he and his mom resided.
Residents in the area described him as “quiet” while adding that they recalled seeing him earlier in the day and all appeared well.
His mother was inconsolable on the scene where she and relatives were all in tears.
According to the police, young Benjamin left home around 9 am yesterday to go to work at Fort James where he worked as a life guard.
However, he returned home some time later, crying, but would not disclose what had happened when asked.
His mother left for work and she and other relatives reportedly tried to contact him during the day but were unsuccessful. When his mother returned home around 6 pm, she made the discovery. The deceased was still dressed in his work clothing.
This was just before sunset, and as night quickly set in, a crowd gathered in the area, with onlookers recounting what they knew of him.
Meanwhile, on social media, several of his friends began pouring in tributes on his Facebook page, where his last Cover photo reads “I love life.”

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