License weapons on-time, firearm owners encouraged

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Inspector of police, Lester Bagot, is encouraging gun owners to license their weapons on time. This comes in light of recent complaints to OBSERVER media by some firearm owners over the $300 licensing fee.
“Current gun owners should license their firearms on time since it is an offense to have an unlicensed weapon. Having a licence to carry a firearm is a privilege. The process for getting the licence is extremely rigid and not many persons are successful,” Bagot said.
 The police spokesman added that a person should always look at the long-term cost of owning a firearm and take all that into consideration before actually applying to the body responsible for issuing licences. The inspector then pointed out that the police have no role in determining the fee for firearm licences but that is solely the purview of the finance ministry.
One complaint about the fee came from a local businessman who asked to remain anonymous. He explained that he bought his firearm years ago for $175 and the cost of licensing it at the time was $15. Now he does not understand how the government expects him to pay $300 a year to license that very same gun.
The businessman said that he finds the fee to be ridiculous and thinks that consideration should be given to individuals who find themselves in a similar situation. He went on to admit that he was not going to renew his licence last year. The man said he told his son he would not pay it but his son decided to pay it for him.
He continued by pointing to the high crime rate and specifically the spike in violent crime within the twin island state, stating that as a business owner a firearm is a necessity but he believes that the cost should be affordable.
He concluded that it is as if the authorities want people to get illegal firearms.
It was in November 2016 that information published in the official gazette revealed that application fees for firearm licences, reports on accidents for insurance and other purposes and other services will attract an increase. Firearm licence fees increased from $100 to $300 the following year.

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