LIAT commences limited commercial flights at month’s end

LIAT commercial passenger operations are to begin on a reduced schedule, following initial flight on November 1 (File photo)
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LIAT has announced a commercial flight schedule that will begin on November 30 with flights operating to a limited number of destinations.

The release of flight schedules comes just about one month after the airline made its inaugural flight on Independence Day, since it has been using an administrator to help restructure its operations.

The regional will operate flights five days a week to seven destinations across the LIAT network to include: Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia, St Kitts, and St Vincent. The limited schedule of flights will return connectivity to these destinations which were impacted by the airline’s suspension of commercial services.

LIAT will announce shortly the addition of other destinations to the schedule for December 2020.

In a press statement, the airline said that it has completed all the training and regulatory requirements for the territories to meet the November 30 start.

Also, several new procedures have been implemented to ensure the safety of staff and passengers as well as reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19. These include the mandatory wearing of masks at check-in and onboard, enhancement in its cleaning and sanitization protocols and new boarding procedures. 

Passengers will be able to book flights via the LIAT website ( or the Reservations Call Centre. The airline has also published its policy for persons who will want to utilise their credits to book flights during the new limited schedule.

However, passengers seeking refunds will have to await the outcome of the administration process.

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