Legislator said Mexican Ambassador spoke “out of turn” about naming the library

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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Jun. 26, CMC   – A senior Government minister says Mexico’s Ambassador to Grenada spoke “out of turn” when he announced  that the library in the new parliament building will be named after Mexico. 
Last week, during the official opening of the new parliament building, Ambassador Oscar Esparaja Vargas made the declaration about the name of the library.
“As a testament of these ties, the library of this parliament will be named after Mexico and we are very grateful for this decision, our aim is that the present and future generations of Grenadians will focus on this bilingual collection not only the memories of the friendly countries but an inspiration to develop their skills that will contribute to their progress  and measures,” he then said, as he highlighted the various activities undertaken between Grenada and Mexico as a means of strengthening bilateral relationship over the years.
However, the Minister for Climate Resilience, Simeon Stielle told reporters that there are no plans to rename the library at this time. 
“The ambassador who spoke, he spoke out of turn ….”Stielle noted.
Although the matter is not one of public debate, there have been questions as the Parliament Library was named in honour of Sir  Curtis Strachan – the longest serving Clerk of Parliament who retired from the service in 1991.
Strachan, was responsible for the safekeeping of the maces of both houses of parliament during the revolutionary years and 1979 to 1983 – a period in which Grenada’s constitution was suspended. 
Both maces disappeared during the reign of the People’s Revolutionary Government and reappeared when Parliamentary Democracy returned to Grenada in 1984. 
Strachan   died in April 201,1 and it was then that  his role to protect and preserve the mace was disclosed publicly during his eulogy.
The Government of Mexico has contributed several bilingual books as well as US$5 million of the US$12.2 million that was required to construct the new Parliament building
Other major contributors were the Governments of the United Arabs Emirates and Australia.
Grenada’s original Parliament building  destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

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